Civilisations AR T&C’s

Whenever you use the Civilisations AR Experience (including any content offered within) (the "AR experience") you agree to these terms. You’re also agreeing to stick to Terms of Use for the BBC’s digital services . Please read those too.


The AR experience is designed and suitable for people of all ages, however if you are a child under 16 years old, an adult needs to be present to ensure that you are safe.

Your Use Of The AR Experience

The AR experience was developed as part of the Civilisations Festival which is a partnership of the BBC with museums, galleries, libraries and archives ("BBC Partners") to coincide with the broadcast of BBC Civilisations television series (BBC Arts, April 2018). It is offered as complementary content to enable audiences to access, in their own space, artefacts of BBC Partners. The experience is for your personal, non-business use only. No commercial use of the AR experience or any content made available within is permitted.

Play It Nicely

You will be able to take a photo of certain BBC Partners’ artefacts using the snapshot feature and save to your personal camera roll ("Your AR Images"). You may take a screenshot of your handset only where such functionality is enabled within the AR experience. You agree to use such images only for your personal, non-business use only and not to make any commercial use.

You acknowledge that your treatment of certain objects that are showcased in the AR experience may be sensitive to some people. You undertake not to use the AR experience and/or Your AR Images in any manner that:

  1. may be insulting, offensive or disrespectful;
  2. may bring the BBC or its Partners to disrepute; or
  3. to take pictures of other people without their explicit consent.


The Civilisations AR Experience and the content within it are © copyright BBC and/or its third party partners 2018. All rights reserved. You acknowledge that the app is BBC owned intellectual property and certain content within it is copyright protected material of BBC Partners.

If you share Your AR Images on public platforms such as social media sites, then you agree to remove such images if requested to do so by the BBC on the basis of legal or related reasons. You also acknowledge that public platforms such as social media sites may be subject to additional third party terms and conditions which you are responsible to comply with.


Please follow the BBC AR Safety Information. Please be aware of your surroundings when using the AR experience and do so in a safe manner.

Information Collected

The AR experience uses online identifiers to provide the BBC with general statistics. Information on how the BBC uses data that you provide can be found

No Warranties

As the experience is based on new technology, BBC provides no guarantee that the experience will work on all systems or handsets. The BBC makes available the AR experience on an ‘as is’ basis, without any warranties, representations, fitness for a particular purpose or operation. The AR experience performance may vary depending on a number of factors, including your equipment. The BBC does not provide any support for the AR experience.